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Irish and British Flag

our tale of two countries began from an old hardware store

In 1996, Michael and Tara Purdum opened the first Old Bag of Nails by converting a hometown hardware store. We were inspired by the original location being the old Zettler Hardware Store in Worthington, OH. The old wood floors and rustic charm have been with the restaurant since the beginning. Back in 1996, we decided what was missing in the area of High Street was a pub. So, we talked to the owner of Zettler Hardware about taking 1,500 square feet of his store and developing it into a pub. He said "if you think you can make it, go ahead." We've been "making it" ever since.

An old burlap bag of nails

i'm gaylord wirrick, pleased to meet ya

I was born in Great Britain in the late 1800s. But, me parents were born and raised in Ireland and cracked on to foggy London town at the height of the Brits booming coal, iron, steel, and textile production.

Me father, who was an experienced fisherman from Ireland and taught me the trade at an early age. Me family made a pretty penny selling our daily catch in the fish markets. There was no shortage of fish in the our household. As a kid, my family and I perfected the best friggin' fish and chips our town had seen.

Years later, I had a family of me own and slogged back to Ireland after it had become a republic. But, I passed down me family fish recipes and British and Irish heritage to my wee ones. It now lives on.

Gaylord family photo fishing
Gaylord Wirrick
Gaylord family photo fishing
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Whoever said it’s better to give than receive must have gotten some really crappy gifts.

Gaylord Wirrick
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